Scuba divingScuba diving
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Le road development based on the local culture in China,TogetherOutward BoundOutdoor experiential training idea,Rely on their own experience,Advocating experience、The nature、Health、Happy、Cutting edge training idea,Developed to get the team through the challenge in the middle of the nature、To deal with conflict、 Be passionate,So as to achieve the team(Members)Improve management、Communication、Many teams courses in collaboration ability。Our trainer team full-time lecturer mainly well-known enterprise management consulting company、Outdoor adventure sports experts、The first batch of domestic expansion of professional training of professional development coach。Every training is a preliminary research、The training location、Curriculum development、The scene、The late evaluation of organisms,Maximize the effect of intensive training,Thousands of classic courses、Different types of experiential projects、Tailor-made training programs、To make our training more targeted and effectiveness。

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