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    Linqing city tai yu tool manufacturing co., LTD. Located in western shandong shipping river ancient Beijing city、Linqing city rich industrial foundation,North qingdao-yinchuan highway,West of hebei province,Pass through north-south beijing-kowloon railway artery in this city。Company is located in linqing city east loop Qiu Tun industrial park,The geographical position is superior,The transportation is convenient。The company registered capital1030Ten thousand yuan,The factory covers an area of50m。The company is the production of coal mine and drilling engineering with a new type of drill pipe、The drill bit、The rig、Mine closure hole opener and its accessories professional manufacturers,Is a collection of scientific research、Manufacturing、Sales、Services for the integration of high-tech enterprises。The company has strong technical force、Advanced production technology,Adopt the first-class production processing equipment and testing equipment at home and abroad,Mold excellent product quality。Scientific and standardized operationIS09001:2015International quality system certification of quality management system。The company products have been serialized:Support is widely used in coal mines、Gas drainage,Geological exploration and other fields,Is used in coal mine soft rock excavation and stoping using a new type of coal drill pipe series;Is used in coal mine soft rock outburst prevention drilling construction live within one hundred meters of high efficiency spiral drill pipe series;Have a light for gas emission and gas release drill pipe series;In view of the gas in coal mine water injection and drainage gas with water pressure sealing hole opener series;Series of mine orifice rotating water curtain dust extinguishing device series;With geological alloy steel pipe through the design and production of geological drill pipe friction welding process series;Are used in soft coal seam geological spiral drill pipe series and triangular drill pipe、Ribs drill pipe series;Have a small diameter help for roadway support drilling anchor rod and anchor pipe series;With forms used in coal mine,Mine drill series。
    “Tai yu”Brand drill products sell well in various mining area of the country,“Working on innovation,To explore the development”Is tai yu business philosophy,With excellent products,The innovation of science and technology、The high quality service has won the customer's consistent praise。
    My company's new product development center and coal science research institute, and other research institutes have built long-term cooperation relationship,Has powerful information and technical support,For the product technology content and product upgrading has laid a solid foundation,At the same time“Tai yu”Brand drill products maintain industry leading quality provides the guarantee。Our company can according to the user...[More and more]
Application case

  • 7Month
    Long spiral drilling machine boot checker
    Long spiral drilling machine boot checker According to the different types of pile machine
  • 7Month
    Explain the efficient maintenance of spiral drill pipe
    Explain the efficient maintenance of spiral drill pipe:1、Efficient
  • 7Month
    The maintenance of the high efficiency spiral drill pipe
    Explain the efficient maintenance of spiral drill pipe:1、Efficient
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