DoubleTPlate specifications and product type

Different pairstPlate specifications,Different length,The template is different,Product features are different,Different functions,Can save the cost also different。

DoubleTPlate in the application of the high-rise building

Industrial building common concrete roof layout is roof(Roof beam)Precast roof system,This kind of plant is characterized by all the mechanical owe good layout space,Demand for many horizontal brace,Layout space height、Long line…

DoubletPlate manufacturers Jiangsu xin hua special components manufacturing co., LTD(DoubletPlate manufacturers),Located in haian county north industrial clusters,The middle child0Four national highway with Ben set lock junction on the west side。The company covers an area of100m,Was established2005Years,The registered capital1200Ten thousand yuan,The specialty is engaged inDouble prestressed concreteTPlateProduction and sales8Years。Standard double for the countryTPlate atlas mainly participated units,With concrete prefabricated specialized contracting grade qualification。The company has professional and technical personnel10People,The introduction of domestic advanced double prestressed concreteTBoard production technology and process,Specializing in the production line60The article,Annual production capacity30Million square meters double plate。The company self-developed movable double prestressed concreteTPlate mold,Won the national Patent Office issued the patent for utility model。Company prefabricated system perfect,Strong technical force,With advanced equipment and testing means,And form a complete set of hoisting machinery、The convoy,Is a large precast concrete company high mechanization degree。

The company leading product double prestressed concreteTBoard is a kind of beam and slab in one large roof panel,Is an upgraded version of the traditional steel structure roofing。This product is mainly suitable for large span industrial workshop、The warehouse、The garage、Restaurant and all kinds of large span pavilion roof。Using the large span doubleTPlate can greatly improve the comprehensive utilization ratio of all kinds of building space,Has the ultra high cost performance。DoubleTPlate has long service life、Fire rating is high(Fire ratingELevel 1)、Good heat preservation and heat insulation、Daily maintenance free,Aesthetically pleasing、Easy installation、Simplify the building structure、To shorten the construction period,Can reduce the comprehensive cost, etc。DoubleTBearing plate used for floor use compared with cast-in-place floor, with large span、Low cost、The advantages of short time limit,Application in four layers below multi-storey industrial plant,The economic effect is remarkable,Safety quality is reliable、8 seismic index,Product design use fixed number of year50Years,Is your investment、The preferred components of construction of standard factory building roof。

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