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Hui xian city east spring co., LTD is based on the original first spring factory of hui xian city,In2003Years12The joint stock company established by month。From85In so far,With rich production experience and technology and equipment advantages and close to the country40Family cars、Motorcycle parts enterprises maintained a matching relationship。The company is mainly for wuling glory、China yituo、Qingdao huarui、Shandong taifeng、Chery heavy industry(Kaifeng、Wuhu)Assembly of agriculture、Shandong auspicious、The China national machinery corporation、Shanghai dix、、Aerospace life saving、Wuxi divine power、Yuhuan putian, such as sole proprietorship in China around the world、Joint ventures and domestic main electrical appliances production enterprise。In the company200... [In more detail]
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The name of the company:Hui xian city east spring co., LTD
Contact phone number:0373-6822111 6822098
A mobile phone:15936558181
Address:Hui xian city high-chuang rural village of yue hui Lin road east