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    Household geomantic ten taboos and response!

    Home feng shui and the fortunes of the residents have a close relationship,So you can't just comfortable living environment,While ignoring some geomancy taboo。Below small make up to sort out the household geomantic ten taboos,Hope to be able to cause the attention of the owners。A taboo in and out of the door…



    In the summer|Furniture maintenance and prevention and control of formaldehyde to all classes

    To enter5After a month,Some cities in the south the temperature has been reached30Degrees。Sunshine time longer,The weather is getting hot,The air became wet。Just as people feel when they come in does not adapt,Without proper maintenance,Furniture in change garments according to the will, too“Small…

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    Result of sampling observation of children furniture:3Batch is not qualified Ikea products on the list

    The reporter learns from the shenzhen market and quality oversight committee,2017Children furniture product quality supervision and spot check results announced yesterday,The object of supervision and spot check to shenzhen in the field of production and circulation14B. unit20Batch products,After the test,Qualified products17Batch…



    Decorate busy season House how to prevent leak?

    In recent days,Chinese domestic outfit melancholy received multiple readers consulting toilet、The balcony、The kitchen is leaking,Bedroom leakage not only affects their normal life,Can also affect the neighborhood,Cause loss of money。A few days ago,Chinese journalists quizzed…

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